About Me

I'm pretty awesome

I moved to DC in 2019, but I've been baking since 2005. I started in my home economics class back in high school where I learned to make pies. After that I explored and tried new things baking at home, from angel food cake for my grandmama's birthday to decorated sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I only started pursuing baking as a career once I moved to DC in 2019. My first job in baking was as a pastry cook at Sweet Science Coffee where I learned on the job with the pastry chef there. The pandemic hit and I had to switch course where I decided that a virtual online bake shop was the way to go so I could safely do what I love, and not invest tons of money on a physical space.

So here we are in 2021. I hope you enjoy these baked treats that I put lots of thought, time and effort into! Have a sweet day!

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